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FM Fine Art Equestrian & Wildlife Fine Art By Franki Montez

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About the Artist

 I have always loved animals and especially horses since I was a little girl. I was often found drawing when I should have been learning in class and can quite remember being totally stuck in a French exam at school and so decided that drawing horses and dragons was a much better use of my time - that didn’t get very well received by my teachers I must say!

It was no surprise then that my love of horses and other animals as well as art carried on into adulthood where I began creating works of art mainly for my own pleasure to begin with. After a while I found people requesting my work and so I began my journey towards becoming a professional artist amongst other things.

I come from the UK where I live with my wonderful family who are so supportive of my creative work and my love of all things horsey! We are lucky enough to have numerous animals in our lives as we adore them and the joy they bring each and every day (even if they don’t do our bank balance many favours!).

Maggie is my Royal Dutch Friesian mare…aka the most expensive lawn mower I ever bought; and also one of my best friends. We have a husky named Skylar and several beautiful cats as well as chickens, fish and shrimps(yes, you heard right, we even have pet shrimps!)

As far as my equestrian life goes I have a particular interest in the Spanish, Iberian and baroque horse breeds, most notably the Pura Raza Espanola and the Royal Dutch Friesian along with various styles of riding including the art of dressage, Vaquerro classica, the Alta Escuela and haute e col as well as natural horsemanship and the incredible amount of communication it allows  you to have with your horse; both ridden and on the ground, not to mention the level of confidence it builds in a horse.

These passions and areas of interest carry over into my artwork without a doubt. I don’t think I will ever tire of painting the luxurious mane of a Friesian, the beautiful lines of the PRE horses of Spain and the precise and skilful application of riding aids that is dressage.

Wildlife is another huge passion of mine and it goes without saying that raising the profile of various species through art can only help towards protecting our beautiful planets’ creatures that little bit more. If a painting touches one person in such a way that their actions can save or protect just one animal then it has served a great purpose and one which I am proud to be part of.

I have tried many mediums over the years and loved acrylic for quite some time but more recently I have fallen in love with pastels. I love how versatile they are and the detail I can get with them.

I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it. If you would like to purchase some of my art then you can find details of available works in my shop.